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Beau puts others first. He is always meeting new people, hearing their needs, and offering solutions.

Always involved, from leading at his church to coordinating full-fledge teams to serve cross culturally in developing countries.


Founder & Owner of  Chevassus Studios, Beau LLC (Tacticlip) (2012-current and 2018-current), small businesses based in Enumclaw, WA.

Beau serves a myriad of roles including managing multiple projects from start to finish, and hiring and managing teams of creatives. He also actively invents new gadgets, which have been successfully funded on Kickstarter.


Founder & President of Knok Studio (2011-current), a nonprofit based in Enumclaw, WA.

In this photo, Chevassus and his family were embedded with mission team to Guatemala, providing love and medical care to isolated villages.

Beau has served doing charity work in 28 countries and carries that same compassion and drive into his local community.


Co-Founder of  Kalos Agon Intl (2010-current & 2017-current), a nonprofit based in Enumclaw, WA through WonGeneration (Enumclaw nonprofit).

Always solving issues and improving local and surrounding communities, Beau actively teaches this self defense fight system that empowers women, men, and children and teaches them to stay safe from bullying.

Beau loves Jesus, MMA, producing films, and loving people.


Beau Chevassus  is an award-winning nonprofit leader. He is an accomplished communicator, multiple small business owner, teacher, father, husband, and servant. He grew up in Enumclaw.

Beau has two (2) BAs from Whitworth University (Spokane), an AA from Green River College (Auburn), and has founded and leads two (2) nonprofit charities. He has started multiple successful businesses and is long-time member of Enumclaw's Chamber of Commerce.
He spends his time hiking, inventing gadgets on Kickstarter, and teaching self defense to children and adults through one of his local charity nonprofits.

Curious about Beau? Tid-Bits & Facts

  • Founded Knok Studio® (2011)
  • Co-founded Kalos Agon (2010)
  • Founded Chevassus Studios (2012)
  • Serves doing charity work in 28 countries
    • Most recently (2019) Beau and his family served in Guatemala providing medical care and missionary videography work in isolated Mayan villages.

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  • Founded Beau LLC™ (2018)
  • Regularly films the “rabbit camera” for NBC Sport’s Spartan Race
  • Teaches self defense/MMA (Enumclaw)
    • Won multiple awards in martial arts tournaments
    • Originally took Tae Kwon Do in Enumclaw as a child, achieving his Bo Dan (Jr. Black Belt).
  • One of his first jobs was a soda jerk (Enumclaw). The restaurant is now Jackson’s
  • Summits Mt Rainier annually
  • Served on the Board of Wabash Church (EPC) as an Elder.

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  • Favorite color: Orange
  • Slightly allergic to freshly cut grass
  • Close call in a full-scale avalanche when mountaineering in Montana
  • Ranked in the top 100 Amazon Reviewers
  • Has produced countless viral videos
  • Has seen the inner-workings of hundreds of successful nonprofits as an investigative charity videographer
    • This unique perspective has granted Beau unparalleled insight into what works and what does not work in community organizations

Love it! How can I help?

  1. Join the Vote Beau Facebook group
  2. Give to Vote Beau
  3. Vote for Beau on November 5th for Enumclaw City Council Member, Position 2
  4. Keep an eye out for a launch party, putting up signs, and free stickers. I can’t do this alone!

Serving a US Veterans charity in Cambodia/Vietnam

Thank you so much for this opportunity to joyfully serve and lead my home town of Enumclaw.

Beau Chevassus